Looking for Moving Services

25 Sep

Looking for moving services in Sacramento can be a daunting experience. With the premium on the territory, finding the right company to move your items can come at a high price. Trying to pinpoint the individuals that will give you … Read More »

How to Become a Real Estate Investor

22 Jun

Understanding the fundamentals of real estate investing is essential before delving into the business of becoming a smart and successful real estate investor. True, becoming a real estate investor can create long term wealth, can be highly profitable, and real estate investing gives the real estate investor many benefits in which other vehicles of investing do not offer.

Questions About Property Tax Sales

7 Feb

With the economy the way it has been and the financial ups and downs of the realty world, the term property tax sales has become a hot new term. What this is, is a new homeowner or investor is looking for property to buy for a low price and the way to do this is by buying the property for its property taxes.

Successful Purchases in Real Estate

17 Jul

Today people have opportunities to invest in real estate that has not been available for many years. With the number of foreclosed homes on the market one can often pick up a house or other real estate at a fraction of the original price.

10 Tips On Being A Thriving Landlord

11 Nov

A large number of investors buy property with the intention of making a profit from rental income. On paper this looks easy, but being a landlord can sometimes be harder than you thought considering all the rules and regulation in the industry.

Abandoned Properties – One Of The Best Kept Money-Making Secrets – Part 2

27 Jan

In part one of “Abandoned Properties, One of the Best Kept Money-Making Secrets”, we explored the great profit potential in this unique real estate investing niche. Although some of these properties might be the result of a foreclosure or other distressing event, remember that we’re helping the owner with his/her “house headache” when we invest in an abandoned property.